Mamazelle is ten years of encounters and love, big and small stories, yours, mine. It’s a deep desire to capture unique moments in order to keep them forever with their initial force.

Our stories cross and overlap and they inspire me to create a story of your cherished moments through pictures.
The moonlight, the glow of a setting sun find their full meaning when they enlighten your gaze and emotions.

Mamazelle is the story of a passion for photography to serve others, where the moment of contemplation alternate with the capture of the instant.
Each story is unique and I make sure to seize the essence of each of them, and offer you memories that taste like moments of eternity

Mamazelle is also ten years of watching my daughter grow up, my main source of inspiration, my breath, my light. Each day, she makes me take a fresh, soft and curious look at what surrounds me.

Mila et Melissa

A mother, and a loving and passionate woman

The first photography sessions began by chance, after the birth of my daughter and the creation of the blog dedicated to my life as a mum.
Meeting people helped me realize I had found my path in life.
After studying art and as an interior designer, I created Mamazelle, inspired by my role as a mother.

I place reciprocity, discovery and art at the heart of my life and my photographic approach. All these personal bonds and sharing contribute to nourish this project, day by day.
You are my inspiration, your feelings are the vibrant heart of each image to which I bring my sensitivity.

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